My son, Satvik, attended APLUS for his 3rd Grade as well as 5th Grade Magnet Prep. He was successfully accepted into Fox Chapel ES and Roberto Clemente MS. I strongly believe that the teaching methods and the study materials provided by APLUS really helped him in gaining admission into these selective programs. I highly recommend APLUS for all elementary school, middle school, and high school students. -Sarma L.


APLUS helped me get into Coldspring ES, Takoma Park MS, and Montgomery Blair HS. The excellent teachers at APLUS thoroughly prepared me for the magnet entrance tests and taught me many of the necessary skills needed for school. I really appreciate their effort and help! -Sally Z., sophomore at Montgomery Blair HS


Our son was recently selected to join Roberto Clemente MS's Math/Science/Computer Science Magnet Program, and it wouldn't have been possible without APLUS's nurture, guidance, and support. The monthly tests and benchmarks helped boost his confidence as he moved up in the ranks. Thanks to APLUS teachers and administrative staff who made this journey possible, and a special thanks to Mr. Charlie who was patient enough to answer all of our questions. -Raman R.


Ample research has indicated that children in smaller classes achieve better outcomes. My daughter has achieved outcomes after attending the magnet preparation classes. Due to my daughter's busy schedule, she had to attend classes at a different center on some days. The admin had accommodated all my requests. Thank you very much APLUS team! -Dawn Z.


We really appreciate all the hard work you have put into developing the Magnet Prep program. This is a fantastic approach to preparing students for success. -Kanisha W.


I strongly believe that providing students with supplemental academic enrichment not only solidifies their foundation, but builds their morale and confidence outside the public school instructional setting, which is what APLUS does. This has been evident in my own child when she scored ahead in MAP-M (Math) and MAP-R (Reading). I highly recommend APLUS to both students and parents. The staff and teachers work together in a professional way to produce tangible results. -Anonymous


APLUS did a great job in helping students to accumulate strong background knowledge, improving study and test skills, which are critical elements for accelerating study efficiency and accuracy in the test preparation. I would recommend others to try APLUS if they need to achieve better academic performance. Jonathan F.


The APLUS practice tests and homework helped me practice what was going to be on the test. After attending APLUS, the test wasn’t that intimidating anymore, because I knew what types of problems would be on the test. Thank you, APLUS! James T., previous 5th Grade Magnet Prep Student


APLUS provided urgency along with excellent material and training. The teachers and support staff were excellent. A special thanks to Jean and Charlie for taking time to explain some of the questions from the tests. Catherine T.


APLUS helped me with the math preparation, fundamentals and advanced concepts. The practice tests were very helpful as it gave good practice on the types questions and time management. Tips and tricks for reading and essay writing were great! –Alina H., previous Magnet Prep Student


APLUS helped our son to prepare for the exam format. Especially for math, it helped him to time his math answers and shortcuts. Also, the sample tests that APLUS conducts helped him to analyze his mistakes and correct them before he faced the actual test. –Nikhil K.


APLUS program helped with areas covered in the tests and practice tests within the designated time allowed. Both were extremely helpful. –Iris G., previous 8th Grade Magnet Prep Student