APLUS Evening Summer Camp Programs

Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM (Mon - Thurs, 4 days a week)    

7/10/2016 - 8/11/2017, 5 weeks  $750 ($875 for SAT/PSAT)

¦ Math Olympiad¦ Pre-Calculus ¦ SAT/PSAT Boot Camp¦

These competitive five-week preview courses are offered to high school students at a time most convenient for them – early evening. Classes meet four times a week for two hours each session. Courses offered include Math Olympiad (5 weeks), Intensive Essay Writing III (5 weeks), Pre-Calc (5 weeks), SAT Prep (4 weeks), and PSAT/SAT Boot Camp (2 weeks).

The Math Olympiad program prepares students for major math competioins at middle school and high school levels, including Mathcounts, MOEMS, and AMC8. Students can expect to work on many interesting and challenging math practices.